Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Flash Chat For PC Windows 7/8/10 And Mac OS Download

Flash Chat is an instant messenger app which connects to users around you using same Wi-Fi. Join the instant community to chat with your friends and family at once place easily. It display's all the users who are using the sane Wi-Fi and allows you to chat with them one on one or all at same time. Also a poll on some topic of your choice can be created to be discus between all. It is secure and safe messaging service, as you send any messages to other from your username. This messages will get disappear on you leave the chat room.
In this world of rapid development we need to have a better means of communication which can be aided by using Flash Chat for PC. This app is not just  a simple texting app but comes with great features to text, chat and send files too.
Most of companies, Shops, Airports, Companies, School, college and anywhere it is easy to form of group and start an Instant community. This app really brings you a platform to connect with everyone around you at one place. This is a mobile device developed app which is not yet developed for the big screen device. But not to worry we have a got a solution to use this app in your device using some emulators.


Flash Chat For PC/ Mac Instant messenger offers a lot of features with many options.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi n\and chat freely with anyone
  • Create a poll between all users of same Wi- Fi to talk
  • Chat with everyone at same time or one on one
  • Entire messaging history will disappear from serve when you walk out of chat room
  • Easily get in and get out from the instant community
  • Find new friends who are using same Wi- Fi around you

Download Flash Chat App For PC Windows XP/7/8/10 Using Bluestacks:

Flash Chat For PC is an available for mobile devices and it needs an emulator to run on PC windows. Bluestacks is such emulator that will allow us to install the Flash Chat and run it on windows OS instantly. Follow our steps that will allow us to run this app on PC windows using Bluestacks.
  • First step is to install the Bluestacks Emulator on PC windows by downloading it from Bluestacks For PC
  • Now launch the emulator and click on it open on main screen
  • Search for "Flash Chat" app in search bar and wait for results
  • Then select the app and click on install button shown below it
  • App will start installing and it will leave its icon in menu after the process gets completed
  • That's it! Start your instant messaging by selecting it from Bluestacks menu

Download Flash Chat App For MAC OS Device Using Andyroid:

Andyroid emulator is used to install the Flash Chat on Mac OS device. As this app is not yet available for Mac OS, we will be installing Andyroid emulator first. Follow the below given instruction to install Flash Chat on Mac device using Andyroid.

  • First step is to download and install Andyroid emulator on Mac OS device from Andyroid For Mac
  • Then open the emulator and select its search bar
  • Type "Flash Chat" app name to be searched 
  • Select the app from list and click on install button 
  • Now installation will start and will load its icon in Andyroid menu
  • Finally open it from menu and start connecting with others
You can now connect with new friends around with this Flash Chat For PC. I hope you have installed the app successfully and if you get queries post them in below comment section. Also share this article with your friends.