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How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Cancel Planet Fitness Membership: In this world of hustle and bustle we forget to be fit and here comes Planet Fitness, a great gym franchise. It is one of the largest gym franchise in the world and has been recognized for its global growth and low recurring monthly payments. It has great gym accessories and instruments to work out to our best and be fit. But in order to join Planet Fitness you have to sign up a contract for a limited time with payment. Sometimes we join gym like Planet Fitness but due to our everyday works and hustle we find it hard to work out and even finding time for gym seems hard. In such a case you want to cancel Planet Fitness Membership which seems to be a lot of paper work and hectic process. But do not worry guys we are here to discuss how you can Cancel Planet Fitness Contract Membership with ease.
Cancel Planet Fitness Membership 
In this guide we will discussing about two method through which you can Cancel the Planet Fitness Membership online. Some of you may be worrying they will not return the paid fee at time of contract which is something to fear about, but we got a deal for it as well. So, worry not and get into the below process.
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Cancelling Planet Membership Contract 

This is the first method which is a sure to go way through which you can cancel your membership in no time. But for you to do so, you need to have some of the stuff like membership ID number, address, security and license number proof. Now once you have gathered all these information, next is to write down a letter to Planet Fitness titled as Cancelling Planet Fitness Membership”.
How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership 
  • Now you have to attach all the required proof and membership ID number along with the letter 
  • After that you can visit the nearest Planet Fitness center and find a representative 
  • Get an appointment with a representative and hand over the letter to them 
  • Once letter is accepted, pay all the remaining fee and also ask them to cancel recurring fee forever 
  • Now you have cancelled your Planet Fitness Membership with ease!
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 Once you have cancelled the account, I advise you to have all the payment, Gym ID number proof along with you. Sometimes they might charge you a recurring fee which might be an error and it might become a problem to you. In such a case showing your cancellation letter will be enough.
There are not other way you can cancel your membership other than the above ones. So, I advise you to look into the guide.

Read Planet Fitness Contract FAQ 

Whenever someone sign’s up a contract with Planet Fitness, they agree for a 1 year membership. But there are some regulations and conditions which make cancelling the contract hard. So, as to avoid such errors and cancelling our contract easily, read below steps.
  • Contract Period: In general every Planet Fitness contract signed up a new member is of 1 month or 1 year time. It means you have agreed to pay fee as per the contract period. 
  • Remaining Contract Period: So if you have taken a yearlong membership then, cancelling it end of last two months might not be profitable. But if you want to cancel at the beginning months, then you will be paid a 5 month membership fee. 
  • Applying Time Regulation: Well there seems to be some rules and regulation which are time stipulated and are to be followed to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership easily. The first thing you need to do is to make sure to cancel your membership before due dates. 
  1. For Annual Package: You need to apply for the cancellation two months before 
  2. Monthly Package: Apply for cancellation before 17th of the same month 
  • Medical Waiving: There is a chance to cancel your membership using a medical certificate describing you injured or something else. Such that the medical certificate tells you may not do gym and your charges will be waived. 
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These were the two awesome ways in which you can Cancel Planet Fitness Membership online. If you have any questions or queries them please let me know in the below comment section and I will answer them ASAP.
 I guess you might have friends and family who have signed up for Planet Fitness and are waiting for a way to cancel their membership. So, why not share this guide with them and help those people as well.

ShowBox For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download

ShowBox For PC: ShowBox app has been an real source of entertainment and means of watching shows and movies online. ShowBox is an Android application that allows its users to stream and watch TV Shows, Movies right of their Smartphones. Well ShowBox Apk can be downloaded but this guide is about how you can Download ShowBox For PC. It is a simple interface based entertainment app enriched with quality content that is updated every day. Don’t you feel bored and tired at times, and going to Movies out becomes a hectic, then use ShowBox App which will let you watch your Favourite TV Shows and Movies anytime you like. Moreover you can watch all these videos in HD range which ensures you better video and audio quality all the time.
ShowBox For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download
But it is up to you to decide whether to play low quality or high quality video on ShowBox with ease. The App homepage, is all aligned with newly updated content in different HD formats such that users can watch new movies and shows. If you like any video or title, then click on “Bookmark” option to save it to your favourite list to watch later. The ShowBox App makes use of mobile data or Wi-Fi connection and to be frank it uses least of data when compared to other app. There are tons of features and better options that make ShowBox so much superior to other apps indeed.

ShowBox Apk Download - ShowBox For PC Windows Laptop Download 

One of the best feature is ShowBox is free to download, that means we can download ShowBox for PC, ShowBox Apk for Android without cost. There is no registration required which makes sure you don’t get interrupted every time with a login popup. No advertisement which makes watching videos even more entertaining. On the other hand we find ShowBox Apk being updated every week or two which ensures developers are working to provide a better and Latest ShowBox version to users. ShowBox is fun to play with, it makes my time go away easily with so many movies and shows to watch.
 If you have a Movie title in mind, then just type the title keyword in the ShowBox app search bar and results will be shown. You may select the related video and start streaming it in any version or quality you like. All the Movies and TV shows are categorized under different Genre which can be accessed from left sidebar of the app. I guess it was enough reviewing the ShowBox App and how awesome it can get. It’s now time for you to learn How to Download ShowBox For PC and you can get the guide below.

Download ShowBox For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Online 

Now as we have already discussed that ShowBox is one of the best entertainment app and you will find it more than useful to stream new movies and all TV shows as well. In this guide I will show you step by step How to Download ShowBox for PC with ease.
 But we are going to make use of an Android emulator namely, Bluestacks to install the app using ShowBox Apk. It is so because ShowBox is not released for Windows PC directly. It means you may make use of any other Android emulator as well.
ShowBox For PC 
  • The first step will be to download the ShowBox Apk from here and save on computer 
  • Now you will have to install the downloaded Bluestacks Android Emulator 
  • Once it is done, now you have to select the ShowBox Apk 
  • After that right click on the ShowBox Apk, after that select from the options “Open With” 
  • Then you need to find and select to install using 
  • Bluestacks emulator Bluestacks is now installing ShowBox App on your computer 
  • Once the installation is completed, you can find the app in Bluestacks apps menu 
Now we have successfully downloaded and installed ShowBox For PC!
In fact ShowBox Apk can be downloaded for BlackBerry and Kindle Fire HD as well. Thus, we can say ShowBox app is very effective and can be downloaded for various platforms.
I am great full of my readers to have read the above guide about ShowBox for PC download procedure. I really think this guide will clear all your doubts and teach you how simple it is to install ShowBox For Windows. But in case you find any problem then let us know and we will hope to answer your questions quickly.

iMovie For PC Windows 7/8/10/XP And Mac OS Download

iMovie For PC And Mac: iMovie is am very interesting app which is very easy to use. It has pretty smooth interface with very well understood application. By using this amazing app you can do a lot with your videos. Edit your videos with lots of features which will create and give a new and interesting look. Fun and fast to browse your video, find your favorites clips and then share them with your friends within seconds. Find great movies at your fingerprints you just need to choose a theme and clips you want to use, then swipe and tap to edit the video. You can add effects and very different sound tracts to your videos. It supports iPhone 6s and iPod pro. 

Well we have many Movie maker but iMovie is far more easy to understand and has really great features to edit a movie to the best. I would also suggest using GarageBand which is a music creator studio, which is also a nice app. So, I refer you to download GarageBand For Windows.
iMovie makes film making more entertaining and faster than ever. iMovie For PC and Mac. It supports you to take advantage of the beautiful 4K video you can shoot and can edit on your device. To make your videos more interesting you can add 3D effects as well. Send the created videos to your friends and family members via mail and messaging. Download this amazing app on your device by just following a few simple steps.

IMovie features:

IMovie is an amazing application which allows you to watch the videos that you have never enjoyed before. It has many interesting features from which some are listed below.
  • The extraordinary feature of this application is it has come with keyboard with key shortcuts
  • By this app you can share your edited movies on Facebook, YouTube and on many social networking sites
  • It allows you to freely adjust the levels of your audio clip right from the iMovie
  • It has a green screen control which helps you to soften the effects added t you video
  • It allows you to choose video clips right from the project to help you to come with a professional trailer 
  • It has a very critical feature called trimmer which is can’t be ignored while using iMovie to edit your movie
  • Very easy to detect the person or the characters in the movie by people detection feature
  • Lower the background sound without effecting the quality of the movie

Download iMovie For PC Windows 7/8/10/XP Using Bluestacks Emulator:

As iMovie App can’t be downloaded for PC, we will be going with Bluestacks to run iMovie App. iMovie For PC is now possible by first installing the emulator on PC and then iMovie App.
  • First of all download the Bluestacks on PC windows from Bluestacks For PC link
  • Later on download the iMovie Apk file to PC using its Windows browser
  • Now cut and paste this two file form Downloads to Local Drive in My Computer
  • Then install Bluestacks and launch it on windows to use
  • Select the iMovie Apk file to install and proceed with installation instructions
  • IN very short time iMovie app will be installed on windows PC

Download iMovie For Mac OS Device Using Andyroid Emulator:

Andyroid is a well known emulator for the Mac OS which will allow its user to get the Android apps installed. Now proceed with our process and you will know how to get the iMovie For Mac OS installed.
  • Download the iMovie Apk and then Andyroid from Andyroid For Mac
  • Install emulator and then open it on Mac OS device screen
  • Select the iMovie to open along with emulator and click on proceed
  • You can see that App is been installed on big screen using emulator
iMovie For PC and Mac is now ready to use using this emulator installation guide. You can now enjoy entire features of iMovie on your big screen PC and Mac. Any doubt in this guide can be asked in below comment section.

My personal review of iMovie on PC has been really astonishing and brilliant, because I could edit videos and music so easily. 

Flick Shoot 2 For PC Windows 7/8/10 And Mac OS Download

Flick Shoot 2 For PC is a most exciting free kicking game for all the football freaks. It is the best game to the foot balls and its related game lovers. This is relay an amazing game which World be never played in your device. Choose single player mode and other brand new modes to play with countless hours of game play. It has got endless mission who rewards you forever mini game. Player can compete with other player online through multi player mode or one on one mode.
It makes you play in real time environment with other leading player in the world. It is available for Android and IOS device to be installed for free. Also it can be played on Windows PC and Mac OS device by downloading its appropriate emulators. If you want to enjoy this game on big screen with full view, then follow our below given instruction for installing this game.


Flick Shoot 2 Game offer you many interesting features which help the player to make good score in the game.
  • It provides new single player game with endless missions
  • Play the game without looking at time 
  • Compete with other one on one or through tournaments
  • Arcade, Time Attack, Dribbling, Not miss, Challenge and Practice mode
  • Customize player with unlimited football/ soccer players, jerseys, shoes and balls
  • With all new 3D graphics, physics and animations
  • Flick shoot controls to get the best shoot experience
  • Available in most popular languages

Download Flick Shoot 2 Game For PC/ Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Using Bluestacks:

Flick Shoot 2 For PC game is sequel game of Flick Shoot and is developed for Smartphone devices. So to play this game on PC windows we will be installing the Bluestacks emulator. This Android emulator will make sure that Flick Shoot 2 game can be played easily on PC windows screen.
  • First of all you need to install Bluestacks on PC windows, by downloading it form Bluestacks For PC
  • Then launch the emulator on your screen and click on search button
  • Here you need to search for "Flick Shoot 2" game 
  • Now select the game and click on install button
  • Installation process will start and game icon will be saved in your apps menu
  • Open it from Andyroid menu and start playing

Download Flick Shoot 2 Game For Mac OS Device Using Andyroid:

As I said above, we will be using a different method to install this game on Mac Device. Andyroid is the emulator which will allow us to run and play this game on Mac OS device. Follow our instruction careful and you can install Flick Shoot 2 For Mac easily.`
  • First step is to download and install Andyroid emulator on Mac OS device from Andyroid For Mac
  • Open the emulator and click to search for "Flick Shoot 2" game
  • From the searched list, click on install button beside the game icon
  • Soon game will start installing and will load its icon in Andyroid menu
  • Start playing the game by selecting it from Andyroid apps menu
Well Flick Shoot 2 is a well made game and can be played with ease as well. This game has a beautiful interface where users find it really good to play.
I hope you have installed this game on your PC and Mac devices successfully. If you get any doubt regarding this article, please let me know in below comment section and also share this article with your friends.

Andyroid Emulator For PC Mac OS Download

Andyroid emulator is an Android to Mac emulator which is designed for Mac OS devices. As we us Bluestacks For PC to download and install the Android Apps for PC, As same we have got the Andyroid emulator for Mac OS devices. It is now a trend to download and install the Android Apps on Mac OS devices and enjoy them on big screen devices. This emulator is mostly preferred to download the Android apps and will let you use its platform for free. So get this app installed in your device using this tutorial and run it on Mac device.

This Android to Mac/ PC emulator is very easy to install on Mac device and will also run the android apps effectively. The features of Andyroid are unique and will help you to use them to get best Android apps. Get the best apps on your Mac screen as it is collaborated with Google play store.
Andyroid Emulator for PC, can be very handy and useful to download various Android apps and games for PC.
You can learn more about iMovie which is an awesome Movie creator, so if you want you can download iMovie For PC

Andyroid Features:

Andryoid For Mac OS has got extremely great features which let the Mac users get apps installed easily.
  • Can use your phone as remote control while playing games
  • Transfer files from mobile to PC without connecting 
  • Easily run your communication apps from your desktop
  • Connect wireless hard drive for large space
  • Multiplayer option to run multiple apps
  • Use store from its platform to download apps
There are some people who like to use Bluestacks for PC but I can understand that they are not used to Andyroid. So, I advise you to start using this emulator once and then you will find it really useful. 

Download Andyroid Emulator For Mac/ PC OS Device:

As Android Apps cant be downloaded directly on Mac OS device, so we will be installing the Andyroid For PC. Follow the below given steps to download and install the Andyroid emulator for Mac OS device. The same procedure can be applicable for downloading the Android Apps on PC Windows

  • First step is to download the Andyroid emulator from here
  • Install the App and then launch the emulator on Mac device
  • Now select the Store from which you want to download the App
  • Search for App and then install it on your device
  • Later the App icon will be added in your Apps menu
  • Select the App from Andyroid Apps menu to use the applications 
Finally you have installed the Andyroid emulator on your Mac OS device and now your device is ready to install, run the App. If you have got any doubt while installing Andyroid For PC, then post them in below comment section.

MultiCraft For PC Windows 10/8/7 And Mac OS Download

MultiCraft For PC is an amazing game play mode which was inspired by one of the most successful mining game. It brings the player in middle of world which is entire filled with blocks. Here player need to survive in this world by digging the resources which helps him to built home and new items. It has got two modes of play in which one is day-time and night-time. In day time it is safer to move along the survivors, builder and fellow miners but in night things start to get scary, when monster of MultiCraft comes to hunt the survivors.
I found some user thinking this game is MineCraft but there are huge difference between these two pages in both gameplay and features.
It has simple mean to survivor by using the building blocks, which also bring full attention of player in the game. This game is developed for smartphone and tablet, which is not yet released for PC windows and Mac OS. Not worry about this issue, here we have bought you the tutorial to play this game on PC and Mac OS using their emulators.


MultiCraft For PC/ Mac game has got been developed with many features that helps the users to survivor easily.
It has got an realist game play
  • Mining resources, construction, travel and reach in a square block s world
  • Craft items fro, development, farming and raw materials
  • Single player game with red stone, fly and speeding option
  • Face many animals and monsters
  • It has got infinite Peace and a beautiful map

Download MultiCraft Game for PC/ Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Using Bluestacks:

MultiCraft game is available for mobile devices and need an extra software to be played on PC windows. Bluestacks is such emulator that will allow us to install and play the MultiCraft For Windows PC easily.
  • First step is to download and install the Bluestacks emulator on PC from Bluestacks For PC
  • Then click on emulator to open on PC desktop screen
  • Now in the search bar, search for "MultiCraft" game and wait for results to appear
  • From the list select the game icon and click on install button
  • Installation process will start and will end in few minutes
  • Later its icon will be saved in menu and you can select it from Bluestacks menu to start playing

Download MultiCraft Game For Mac OS Device Using Andyroid:

Andyroid is a Andyroid to Mac emulator which is preferred mostly to be used as emulator for Mac OS device. It will allow us to install any Android game on Mac device and have fun using it. Below are the steps which will guide you to install this game successfully.
  • First of all you need to install Andyroid on Mac OS Device, by downloading it from Andyroid For PC
  • Launch the emulator on PC and select the search option from corner
  • Now netter the game name "MultiCraft" to be searched
  • Select the game and then click on install button
  • It will take few minutes for instillation and will save its icon in Andyroid menu
  • Open the game from Andyroid menu and start playing it
I Hope you have installed this MultiCraft For PC Windows or Mac OS successfully. If you have any queries post them in below comment box and share this article with your friends, to let them know about this method.

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BBM For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download

BBM For PC: BlackBerry Messenger has been one of the classic text messaging apps which was also released for Android and IOS platform lately. Well it was first available for BlackBerry OS only but now you can Download BBM App for any platform easily. But this guide is not about Smartphone, we are here to discuss How to download BBM For PC. Yes, as we already know that BlackBerry Messenger is released for Android platform. We will be making use the BBM Apk For PC and install it easily. In such case we are making use of an Android emulator namely Bluestacks, but you can vouch for other Android emulators like Andyroid and KO Player as well.
BBM For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download
Next is why use BlackBerry Messenger for Windows? The reason is when we Download BBM For PC Desktop, we can view it better. So that users can find it way more useful and easy to text with other people of BBM App easily. There are still more reasons why I prefer using BlackBerry Messenger on Windows. The primary reason is BBM app is a classic BlackBerry text app which was recently made valuable for other platforms. Next is we do not have to our about our privacy, as BBM is far more secure and complex in terms of privacy. So that we can entertain ourselves by texting our friends and family on BBM easily, which seems a lot of fun indeed.
Let us not wait anymore and dig deep into the guide on how we can install BBM For Windows Laptop using Bluestacks Emulator.

BBM Features – BlackBerry Messenger For PC Features 

Now that you are aware much details of how BBM For PC works and hoe effective it is. But there are few more features that we can discuss and learn more about. Let me show these BBM App features that will surely amaze you.
  •  BlackBerry Messenger is a classic mobile messenger 
  •  You can send unlimited text messages, pictures through messages 
  •  Create your BBM Code and share it with other friends and add them 
  •  It has an awesome design and creative interface as well 
  •  BBM is a cross platform application released for Android, IOS and BlackBerry OS 
  •  You can add attachments to your messages and send them to friends 
  •  Different attachments like audio, video and files can be used 
  •  BBM messenger for PC gives a better platform to text and messages 
  •  You can install BBM For PC using any Android emulator 

Download BBM For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Using Bluestacks Emulator

 BlackBerry Messenger, commonly known as BBM can be downloaded for Windows desktop for free. But to Download BBM For PC we have to use Bluestacks Android Emulator, in order to proceed this guide. So, I guess you are ready to learn to Download BBM For Windows PC, then just follow below the below instructions.
BBM For PC Laptop 
  • The initial step is to download the BBM Apk to your Windows PC 
  •  Or else search directly from Bluestacks Emulator and select the BBM App 
  •  Next step is to download and install the Bluestacks Emulator For PC 
  •  Now that Bluestacks is installed, go to BBM Apk and right click on it 
  •  Then you need to select “Open With” option and under it select Bluestacks 
  •  Bluestacks will now start to install BlackBerry Messenger for Windows 
  •  It will finish installation in a minute and once done, app will appear in Bluestacks menu 
  •  Finally we have successfully installed BBM For PC using Bluestacks emulator! 
So guys now you will have fun chatting and texting with your friends over BlackBerry Messenger For PC. I hope guys you will have fine time following my above instructions to download BBM For PC.
Another thing is if you like this guide and appreciate our efforts then please make sure to share this post link with other friends and help them too.

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Download Dumb Ways To Die For Windows PC XP/7/8/10 And Mac OS:

Dumb Ways to Die is an announcement service for Australasian public by Metro Trains in Victoria, Australia, Melbourne. Also the game play of this is very interesting where the life's of the dumb characters is in your hands. It has got 15 hilarious mini games which meant to collect the dumb character for the train station. As you keep on increasing the dumb character for your station, your score get increased. It has got many famous videos that will unlock with your high score. It starts from piranhas and platforms to other snakes and level crossings. Just tap, flick and swipe to escape from the wide ways of Dumb Ways to Die.
It is really an interesting game which makes you feel how someone can die with this silly dumb ways. As this game is not developed for big screen, we need emulator to install this. Here is the tutorial for installing this game for PC windows and Mac OS using Bluestacks and Andyroid respectively. This emulator will give you better platform to enjoy playing this mini game.
I love to play dumb ways to die game for windows PC because it makes me enjoy myself and its fun to play as well.


Dumb Ways to Die game bring you a lot of features to play the game interestingly.
  • Wipe your screen for free of puke
  • Make balance of that wobbling glue eater's
  • Let piranha out of range from the precious private parts
  • Don't invite that psycho killer inside the cage
  • Be patient while level crossing
  • Don't try to be at corner of the platform
  • Should catch the balloon without crossing the track
  • Get candy shower by ducking the bear

Download Dumb Ways To Die Game for PC Windows XP/7/810 Using Bluestacks:

This mini game is for Smartphone devices and it need an Android to PC emulator to be played on PC. Bluestacks emulator will install this Android game on PC windows and allow them to run easily. Follow the below given instruction for installing this Dumb Ways To Die For PC using Bluestacks.

  • First of all download Bluestacks emulator on PC windows from here
  • Now install the emulator on PC windows and launch it 
  • Select the search bar and enter "Dumb Ways to Die" game for searching
  • From the results, click on install button below the game icon
  • Instillation will start and will load its icon in Bluestacks menu
  • Open it from the apps menu and start your game 

Download Dumb Ways To Die For Mac OS Device Using Andyroid:

This Dumb Ways to Die For Mac is available for tablet and mobiles, so we will be using Andyroid emulator to install this on Mac device. This Android to Mac emulator will bring a intuitive platform for Android games to be played on Mac OS.
  • The fore most step is to install the Andyroid emulator on Mac OS device, by downloading it from here
  • Then open it on home screen and search for "Dumb Ways to Die" game
  • Click on install button and wait for installation process to start
  • It will continue for few minutes to complete the installation
  • Now you can see game icon in the apps menu
  • Select the game from Andyroid menu and start playing the game
I hope you would like this article and will share this different method for playing Dumb Ways To Die on PC and Mac OS Devices. If you get any queries, post them in below comment section.