Sunday, 25 September 2016

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Cancel Planet Fitness Membership: In this world of hustle and bustle we forget to be fit and here comes Planet Fitness, a great gym franchise. It is one of the largest gym franchise in the world and has been recognized for its global growth and low recurring monthly payments. It has great gym accessories and instruments to work out to our best and be fit. But in order to join Planet Fitness you have to sign up a contract for a limited time with payment. Sometimes we join gym like Planet Fitness but due to our everyday works and hustle we find it hard to work out and even finding time for gym seems hard. In such a case you want to cancel Planet Fitness Membership which seems to be a lot of paper work and hectic process. But do not worry guys we are here to discuss how you can Cancel Planet Fitness Contract Membership with ease.
Cancel Planet Fitness Membership 
In this guide we will discussing about two method through which you can Cancel the Planet Fitness Membership online. Some of you may be worrying they will not return the paid fee at time of contract which is something to fear about, but we got a deal for it as well. So, worry not and get into the below process.
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Cancelling Planet Membership Contract 

This is the first method which is a sure to go way through which you can cancel your membership in no time. But for you to do so, you need to have some of the stuff like membership ID number, address, security and license number proof. Now once you have gathered all these information, next is to write down a letter to Planet Fitness titled as Cancelling Planet Fitness Membership”.
How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership 
  • Now you have to attach all the required proof and membership ID number along with the letter 
  • After that you can visit the nearest Planet Fitness center and find a representative 
  • Get an appointment with a representative and hand over the letter to them 
  • Once letter is accepted, pay all the remaining fee and also ask them to cancel recurring fee forever 
  • Now you have cancelled your Planet Fitness Membership with ease!
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 Once you have cancelled the account, I advise you to have all the payment, Gym ID number proof along with you. Sometimes they might charge you a recurring fee which might be an error and it might become a problem to you. In such a case showing your cancellation letter will be enough.
There are not other way you can cancel your membership other than the above ones. So, I advise you to look into the guide.

Read Planet Fitness Contract FAQ 

Whenever someone sign’s up a contract with Planet Fitness, they agree for a 1 year membership. But there are some regulations and conditions which make cancelling the contract hard. So, as to avoid such errors and cancelling our contract easily, read below steps.
  • Contract Period: In general every Planet Fitness contract signed up a new member is of 1 month or 1 year time. It means you have agreed to pay fee as per the contract period. 
  • Remaining Contract Period: So if you have taken a yearlong membership then, cancelling it end of last two months might not be profitable. But if you want to cancel at the beginning months, then you will be paid a 5 month membership fee. 
  • Applying Time Regulation: Well there seems to be some rules and regulation which are time stipulated and are to be followed to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership easily. The first thing you need to do is to make sure to cancel your membership before due dates. 
  1. For Annual Package: You need to apply for the cancellation two months before 
  2. Monthly Package: Apply for cancellation before 17th of the same month 
  • Medical Waiving: There is a chance to cancel your membership using a medical certificate describing you injured or something else. Such that the medical certificate tells you may not do gym and your charges will be waived. 
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These were the two awesome ways in which you can Cancel Planet Fitness Membership online. If you have any questions or queries them please let me know in the below comment section and I will answer them ASAP.
 I guess you might have friends and family who have signed up for Planet Fitness and are waiting for a way to cancel their membership. So, why not share this guide with them and help those people as well.