Friday, 28 October 2016

Fix 0xc00007b Error For Windows 7 10 8 64Bit 32 Bit

0xc00007b Download Error: Hello guys, welcome to our new post which is about a common error 0xc00007b which we might face anytime. This is a error namely 0xc00007b which is related to DirectX gaming issue which has been a real pain for windows users. So, few days back I was installing some new games that I bought from Amazon and I came across the same error 0xc00007b on Windows 10 device, which I am using for a bit of time.
Fix 0xc00007b Error For Windows 7 10 8 64Bit 32 Bit
So I thought well this might be a problem with my Windows, so I took my laptop and installed the same game but came across the same issue of 0xc00007b Error For Windows 7 64 bit version OS as well. I then tried a handful of tricks that solved this issue very quickly and thus got an idea to post how I solved the Error 0xc00007b on Windows with ease and you can do the same as well.

What is 0xc00007b Error - How does it occur

Before I start the guide let me explain how does this error occur and what could be the reasons behind it. When ever a user tries to run or install a 32 bit software or game on 64 bit we absorb this error. But most of the times this issue is generated relating to Directx which is a gaming software.
So even before trying the below guides and steps I recommend you to update your .Net framework and Directx to the latest version from windows official site.

Error 0xc00007b  Download - Fix 0xc00007b For Windows 7 8 10

So you might be wondering there would be any software or anything that will let you get 0xc00007b Download. But let me tell you once again that this is not an dll issue which can be solved by 0xc00007b download error fix from online. All you need to do is to learn that this error is caused usually when we execute games and software's. 
Now let us get into the guide and find the finest solution on how you can may solve this issue with ease.

0xc00007b  Error Fix Windows 7 64 Bit 32 Bit 

In case you are running a Windows 7 OS with a 64 bit or 32 bit, then 0xc00007b Error Fix for Windows 7 can be a little easy though. It is because Windows 7 comes with more updates and users have more affinity towards it.

Method 1 - Reinstalling Directx On Windows OS

As you know that 0xc00007b Error occurs as a result of faulty or old version of Directx which can be solved by reinstalling it. So, what I suggest is download the installer of Directx from windows as shown below and install it once again. This method has worked for  a lot of people out there and I guess you will find it useful as well.
Fix 0xc00007b Error For Windows 7 10 8 64Bit 32 Bit
  • You need to open your windows device, go to the location  C:\Windows\System32
  • After that you will have to browse, select and delete the below listed files
  • “xinput1_1.dll”, “xinput1_2.dll”, “xinput1_3.dll”
  • You will have to make sure the above files are deleted and then download Directx from here
  • Finally run and install the new version of DirectX and hoe your issue will be solved

Fix 0xc00007b Error For Windows 10 64 Bit 32 Bit

It is no wonder that windows 10 users would face this issue as, this OS was the second most used platform in the past. And I expect a lot of Windows 10 users to turn up to solve this 0xc00007b error an fix it.

Method - 2 - Reinstalling .NET Framework

.Net Framework plays a vital role in the proper functioning of various Windows related programs and games.  Most of the times this error 0xc00007b can be fixed by updating or installing new version of Framework. If you already know how to update and install .NET Framework then skip to the next guide or stick to this one.
  • You will have to download the .Net Framework from here, from windows official site
  • Once downloaded, click on the exe setup file and installation will begin
  • Select the installation directory and wait for the process to be done
  • We will have freshly installed .Net Framework with ease!

How to Fix 0xc00007b Error For Windows 8 64 Bit 32 Bit

Still haven't found a way to solve 0xc00007b Error for Windows 8 for both 64/32 bit OS platform. Now comes the easiest method I have found and you will like it too.

Method - 3 - Run As Administrator

When we are out of options to solve these errors, the only possible way is to use the Run as Administrator which we have explained below. In this method we will set the Application to run under the present OS condition.
Fix 0xc00007b Error For Windows 7 10 8 64Bit 32 Bit
  • Select the application > right click > properties
  • Check on Compatibility tab > and select "Run the program as an administrator"
  • Click on Apple button and ok to finish!


By following the above solutions I am sure that you can get rid of this Error 0xc00007b on Windows OS. Well try this guide for yourself and you will find it how easy it is to solve 0xc00007b error on windows 7, 10, 8 OS.
If you have any feedback or question related to this guide then let me know it in the below comments section and I will solve them very soon.